Jonas Wood

Jonas Wood is a Boston-born artist, who currently lives and works in Los Angeles. His latest exhibition, which is currently on show at the Anton Kern Gallery in New York, takes inspiration from his everyday life. Whether it’s a domestic interior, a collection of objects or a familiar landscape, Jonas Wood remakes mundane subject matter into a bold and bright composition rendered from multiple perspectives.

“Wood not only puts our visual world out of its order, he rearranges the temporal and psychological landscapes in such a way that the paintings themselves conjure a logic and spatial continuity of their own,” 










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3 Responses to Jonas Wood

  1. Beautiful, and the illustration style reminds me a lot of the movie “Waking Life” – a must if you haven’t seen it!

  2. rachelvater says:

    I think what strikes me the most is his use of mark making to create the detail. Not only fantastic art but could quite easily be used in a surface pattern capacity. Great post, thank very much. x

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