John Frank Keith Collection

Sifting through archival images from various museums, art galleries, and historical collections on flickr is one of my preferred activities online. I was looking through the flickr photostream of the Library Company of Philadelphia when I came across a set dedicated to the work of Philadelphia photographer John Frank Keith (1883-1947).

“Taken between 1910 and 1940, the photos primarily depict residents of the neighbourhoods of South Philadelphia (particularly the Pennsport area) and Kensington (where Keith lived most of his life). The subjects and exact locations of the photographs are rarely identified, but the faces, clothing, and street-level details tell important stories about life in these working-class neighbourhoods during wartime and economic hardship.”

When I was looking through the images they reminded me of contemporary street style fashion photography in terms of composition and the way the subjects are posed.


john frank keith


john frank keith_2


john frank keith_3


john frank keith_1

john frank keith_4

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