Light + Ladder

Farrah Sit is the creative mind behind Light + Ladder – a company that sells designer objects with a focus on function and beauty.

“Our company hopes to represent a return to meaningful consumption by providing artistic, one-of-a-kind, American-made accessories for the home. Each product is inspired by the vivid simplicity of the natural world. We think the home should be like a garden, and we bring Nature inside with a sleek yet practical approach to luxury.”

Farrah collaborates with a number of independent artists from Brooklyn, New York, producing limited edition ranges that showcase each collaborator’s unique talents. Light + Ladder’s latest offering is a series of hanging plants (kokedamas) titled Plant Bondage. The range was produced in conjunction with floral and garden design studio Fox Fodder Farm, which I will feature in a future post.





Here are some other pieces from the store that I liked…








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One Response to Light + Ladder

  1. sarnerjamie says:

    Very soothing and easily customized in any space. Now I wish I had one.

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