Comfort Zone

Tadao Cern is a Lithuanian architect turned photographer. His series Comfort Zone documents a variety of people asleep on the beach – a moment of relaxed vulnerability outside of usual social limitations.

“These photos are not staged and people did not suspect that they were photographed by me. I chose to capture images of sleeping vacationers because it accurately represents the name of the project ‘Comfort Zone’… I chose to showcase only the photos with hidden faces not by an accident, but to grant an observer with an opportunity to calmly scrutinize each and every detail without being distracted. It also helps to avoid empathy or connection between people in the photos and the observers.”

o-TADAO-900 (1)

o-TADAO-900 (4)

o-TADAO-900 (2)


o-TADAO-900 (3)

o-TADAO-900 (6)

o-TADAO-900 (5)



o-TADAO-900 (7)

o-TADAO-900 (8)

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