Gift Guide: The Cook

I haven’t really ventured into gift guides before as they are a rather daunting prospect. But this year I thought I would get out of my comfort zone and try a few gift guides. Each gift guide will be orientated towards a certain interest. This gift guide is centred around people who enjoy cooking and eating. I’ve tried to find things in a number of price ranges from small and inexpensive, to some options that are more extravagant.

You can find the links to the products below…

Culinary Gift GuideThe Cook’s Gift Guide: Big Green Egg / The League of Beers – 6 assorted beers from Devil’s Peak / Opinel Table Knives / Tartine Book No. 3 / Subscription to The Creamery’s Ice Cream Club / Alphabetical Wine / Subscription to food quarterly Lucky Peach / Honest Chocolate/ Pedersen & Lennard Recycling Bins


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1 Response to Gift Guide: The Cook

  1. Lord, yes. As a cook, I would like all of these things now please.

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