Aerial Botswana

I was awe-struck by these aerial photographs of Botswana by New York-based artist Zack Seckler that resemble abstract colour field paintings. These photographs form part of Zeckler’s latest exhibition titled Botswana, currently on show at Robin Rice Gallery in New York:

” Through his unique perspective, vistas once invisible to those on the ground or in a jetliner above are captured in exquisite detail. As he soars over the wildlife and its surrounding beauty, the earth deconstructs into parts and shapes and we see the subtle, aesthetic moments within the iconic landscapes. This rare view enabled Seckler to create images that are simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar.”

zack seckler_botswana1

zack seckler_botswana6

zack seckler_botswana8

zack seckler_botswana7

zack seckler_botswana5

zack seckler_botswana11

zack seckler_botswana12

zack seckler_botswana10

zack seckler_botswana4

zack seckler_botswana2

zack seckler_botswana9

All images copyright Zack Seckler


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7 Responses to Aerial Botswana

  1. hana ryan says:

    LOVE this.

  2. Sophie says:

    These are so, so lovely.

  3. Beautiful. I would so love to know – what is the third one??

  4. Maggie says:

    These are absolutely stunning.

  5. Kerri says:

    Beautiful pictures – reminds me of the work of Michael Politza – some of the most beautiful images I have seen taken from a microlight plane over Africa

  6. casey says:


  7. Deer Ernest says:

    I would recommend mainly rivers aerials photos of Iceland!
    Salute Deer Ernest

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