I know. I know. There has been another long absence on this blog, but I promise that this time it was for a good reason. I’m working on an illustration project titled the 12×30 Project that you can follow via my instagram or illustration blog (I will be updating it with the first 12×30 Project tomorrow). Basically, I do a drawing a day for 30 days around a certain theme. There will be 12 of these projects in total…hence the title “12×30 Project”. The theme for the first 30 days was clothing.

becca allen tee_wolfeyebrows

floral skirt_wolfeyebrows

I’ve also been guest posting on the wonderful Need Supply Co. blog for the month of January, which has been a wonderful experience that I was really lucky to have. Here are a few images from my Outfits & Landscapes post.


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One Response to Update

  1. Maggie says:

    Love those illustrations – thanks for the update!

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