Chinese Health Posters

The Art of Instruction by Katrien van der Schueren is a favourite in my humble collection of art books. This large book is a collection of illustrated educational charts from the 19th Century, covering topics from art, to design, science, and natural history. It’s a book I consistently go back to, poring over its beautiful pages again and again.

I was captivated when I discovered the U.S. National Library of Medicine‘s lovely collection of vintage, illustrated, Chinese Public Health Posters – most of which were published in the 1950’s. The choice of colour and the composition of the posters are so great.

chinese health poster 3

chinese health poster 8

chinese health poster 4

chinese health poster 2

chinese health poster

chinese health poster 5

chinese health poster 6

chinese health poster 9

chinese health posterm1

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2 Responses to Chinese Health Posters

  1. this is so awesome! we have these illustrated instruction manuals for becoming “good kids” in India too. It’s incredible how similar the illustrations are, with the only difference being that the children are Indian.

  2. siblingmine says:

    Adore the one of the boy and the dog – going outside and opening the window. A ‘yes’ for good health. Lovely post.

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