The Herringbone House

Although I could never imagine living in a house as sparse and subdued as this (I love colour too much). I love how traditional materials like face brick have been used in an unusual way to create the facade’s herringbone pattern. Also the use of varying shapes and sizes of stone-coloured tiles provides texture, moving away from boring all-white spaces while retaining a sense of open space.

The Herringbone House was designed by Atelier ChanChan:

“Atelier ChanChan is a practice based in London, operating in the realms between art and architecture; it was founded in 2010 by Cambridge scholar and Architectural Association scholarship graduate Zoe Chan. The practice takes a phenomenological approach to its work; aiming to create unique, awe-inspiring installations and experiential architecture within the city; specializing in London’s forgotten, derelict spaces. They investigate the relationship between architecture and emotion and how material, space, light and form can be manipulated to create new, imaginative, experience-driven architectures.”












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1 Response to The Herringbone House

  1. M says:

    I can’t get over stairs like that. Those are about the thinnest ones I’ve seen!

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