Laura Pannack

Laura Pannack is a documentary and portrait photographer based in London. She studied at the University of Brighton Central Saint Martins College of Art and LCC, and has gone on to win a number of awards and accolades in her field. Pannack’s images often focus on children and teenagers, subjects who are more open and vulnerable than adult subjects.

“She is a firm believer that “time, trust and understanding is the key to portraying subjects truthfully”, and as such, many of her projects develop over several years. Her particular approach allows a genuine connection to exist between sitter and photographer, which in turn elucidates the intimacy of these very human exchanges. Her images aim to suggest the shared ideas and experiences that are entwined in each frame that she shoots. Laura largely shoots with a film camera on her personal projects, allowing her process to be organic rather than being predefined by fixed ideas, thus removing additional pressure on the sitter.”


baby village 010

1 (1)




baby village 001

laura mon 001




LP 005

A particularly strong series was her non-judgemental portrait series of young British naturists.






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