99 x 99s

The 99 is a iconic symbol of hot summer days – a swirl of soft serve in an ice cream cone with a Flake chocolate stuck into it. As a child on summer holiday I think I must have eaten hundreds of them, served from a croaky sounding ice cream van.

Photographer Luke Stephenson, who is the man behind the wonderful book “An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds“, decided to create a photo book centred around the 99 ice cream. He successfully funded the project through Kickstarter and I can’t wait to see the final product. Here is a little more about the project:

“In the summer of 2013, over 25 days and 3,500 miles, I travelled around the coastline of Great Britain. As I went from place to place I was fascinated by the human touches that make each 99 ice cream unique. I also documented the seaside ice cream vans and parlors that sold the 99s, and the discussed the myths which surround this very British icon.”

You can visit the official website here.









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