Given my scarcity of blogging this week, I thought I would end it off with a bumper blogpost that features a selection of beautiful, delicious, and interesting things. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

How to grow your own cactus fence. I really want to try this.


pacmarmed 1

This jacket is magic.


So is this one.


People Blocks are a limited edition artist sculpture series designed by Andy Rementer and produced by Case Studyo.



Having an itinerant husband who travels a lot means that I have to often have to tackle the ominous task of cooking for one. Generally this means that I have toast with a changing roster of toppings. Maybe I’ll graduate into making more sophisticated meals, but in the meantime here are some toast combinations I love:

Avocado on toast – this is my go-to/old faithful

2013-0628_avocados-189Grilled cheese (otherwise known as the divine union of cheese and carbs)- can I get an amen!


Lemon, ricotta, basil and honey bruschetta


An old classic: peanut butter – but I vary the type of nut butters (almond butter is great), sometimes I add jam, or  honey, or cinnamon, or pears.


If I had this beautifully packaged toothpaste as a child I think the idea of tooth brushing would have been much more appealing. This clever concept is designed by Miriam König.


download (1)

The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst is a HBO docu-miniseries directed by Andrew Jarecki that has been described as the television version of the critically acclaimed podcast Serial. I can see why – it’s a gripping murder mystery. The plot investigates millionaire Robert Durst as the potential culprit of three brutal murders. His story is marked by so many twists, odd characters, scattered clues, and just plain strangeness, it’s hard not to get drawn in.




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  1. I like this peep into your life.
    And that second jacket? Gosh-wow.

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