Resort 2016: Bumper Edition

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a round up of recent collections, and since many of the Resort 2016 collections are out what better time to do so? I’ve hand picked a couple of collections that sparked my interest. I hope you enjoy this bumper edition of Resort fashion!

Alexander Wang has found a niche in creating minimalist fashion with attitude. His 2016 Resort Collection offers up edgy detailing with the use of decorative studs – that add a feminine touch without losing on the “bad ass” element.

Alexander Wang

In line with Alexander Wang’s minimalist approach, the Rag & Bone 2016 Resort Collection is a stylish and wearable collection with a few lovely masculine silhouettes.

Rag & Bone

Fendi’s 2016 Resort Collection is a botanical celebration – featuring South Africa’s exotic national flower: the Strelitzia otherwise known as “the bird of paradise”.


I really liked the Rochas Resort 2016 collection for its slouchy pyjama-style set, dancers print and elegant gowns.


Jonathan Saunders Resort 2016 Collection draws from the brightly synthetic colour palette of pop artist Jeff Koons.

Jonathan Saunders

The Red Valentino 2016 Resort collection is a mix of cute mod-type pieces, that I imagine would live very well in a movie directed by Tim Burton. For me, the coats are the highlight of the collection.

Red Valentino

The Sea 2016 Resort Collection is the product of experimentations with screen-printed bleach patterns on Japanese denim. The results are quite beautiful.


Being a die-hard Valentino fan I hate to admit this, but the Valentino 2016 Resort collection was a little hit and miss for me. That being said, Valentino delivers way above the mark than most with its intricate embroidery and ballsy use of colour. Here are some of my favourites:


I thought to include one or two pieces from Peter Jensen’s 2016 Resort Collection, because he is one designer who always seems to have fun with his creations. This collection is a brashy clash of colour, ice cream and preppy high-school fashion that is inspired by Enid, the heroine from Daniel Clowes‘ graphic novel Ghost World.



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