Dark Packaging

A lot of packaging designers fall down the trap of using bright colours, loud typography and patterns to draw customers attention. Don’t get me wrong, bold designs when done well can work really beautifully, but today I wanted to showcase the dark and moody packaging design that I think draws attention without shouting it from the shelves.

Coco de Mer is a London-based company that specialises in high-end erotica products. Williams Murray Hamm was tasked with creating the packaging design for Coco De Mer’s range of toys, oils, lubricants and candles as well as shopping bags and brochures.

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Their ‘Pleasure Collection’ packaging draws from British history’s grand dames of seduction. The ladies: Nell Gwynne, Georgiana the Duchess of Devonshire and Catherine Howard, each known for different indiscretions of sexual nature.

“Williams Murray Hamm worked with the theme of ‘exploration & discovery’ when developing The Pleasure Collection – the idea of encountering the unexpected. The packaging is a rich amber brown, elegant in its simplicity and featuring only the company logo, name and a small, seductive die cut “peep-hole.” The peep-hole teases the viewer, showing a glimpse of a nude body or a flirtatious eye. The full reveal comes when the packaging is full opened to reveal an erotic print of one of the grand dames of seduction.”

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Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee have refreshed their old identity with a new CI and packaging designed by Chandelarrow Design Co.

“Using earthy colours, like brown, burnt orange, and tan, obviously harmonious hues to associate with the rich and chocolatey colour of coffee, but it also is a nod to the remote places where some of the best coffee beans are sourced. There are two main fonts used, a serif text that is paired with a slightly sloped cursive, which both appear on the main oval label. The packages are simple, giving off a small-town vibe.”

download (6)

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Old Standard Moonshine’s fabric bottle label created by Chad Michael Studio is a luxurious combination of dark midnight blue and gold script typography.

“The fabric has slight fraying at the top and bottom, and along with the batch number written on the back, this clearly tells the consumer that each bottle of whiskey is one-of-a-kind. Each fabric label is a rich, navy blue, with gritty gold text covering it. The custom fonts have distinct qualities that complement each other. One is a basic all-caps sans serif and the other an elegant, more traditional typeface for the brand name, with swirls and playful elements that blend well with the small graphics and accents on the label. A white Old Town Distilling stamp is printed on the front, highlighting the simple, small business ethics that Old Standard Moonshine values.”

download (8)

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Last, but not least, is the packaging design for whisky and cola concentrate Cola Maison available from Old Faithful Shop. The medicinal bottles paired with the metallic detailing of the label make it a very alluring looking concoction.

download (7)

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