To Watch: Deutschland 83

I’m not going to make any excuses about neglecting this blog because it’s always the same. Let’s just write it up as “life” and get on with things. With that said, it’s always nice to return to this little corner of the internet to share some things with those of you who still check this blog on occasion. For your patience and attention I thank you.

I wanted to revisit my “To Watch” feature where I share good television and/or movies that I have stumbled across while researching for work or in my free time. You can see previous posts here, here and here.

Deutschland 83_2

My most recent discovery, thanks to my friend Sandra’s recommendation, is Deutschland 83 produced by Sundance TV and RTL Television. It is an 8-part German series set in East and West Germany during the Cold War – 1983 to be exact. The narrative follows a young solider called Martin Rauch (played by Jonas Nay) who is recruited by East German intelligence to infiltrate the West German army to collect information on their nuclear plans.


Deutschland 83_10

Deutschland 83_1


Not only is the series masterfully structured to keep you gripped throughout, the art direction and cinematography is meticulously considered to create an authentic and visually striking final product. The soundtrack is packed with 1980’s synth pop hits that will have you singing or humming along for days after you watch it – you can find a Deutschland 83 YouTube playlist here. I’m really hoping they pick it up for another season.

Deutschland 83_14

Deutschland 83_12




Deutschland 83_9


Deutschland 83_15

Deutschland 83_5

Deutschland 83_11

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