Hi. My name is Catherine. I am a freelance writer and illustrator, who occasionally does a spot of research.

I live in Cape Town with my husband Doug and our dog Larry David. I like to draw, walk in beautiful places, and watch crap loads of television. Doug likes to play music, take photos, and make the most delicious sourdough rye I’ve ever tasted.

If you are interested in all things culinary I contribute to a breakfast tumblr called BKFST with my wonderful internet friend Miss Moss. I also have a tumblr for things I like but don’t get around to blogging about.

Please feel free to write me an e-mail and/or comment. I love hearing from my readers.

Contact: cathgreen@gmail.com

38 Responses to About

  1. Beth says:

    Thank you for the postcard! I just love it. Isn’t it fun being part of the Benevolent Postcard Society? Happy Holidays!

  2. Jizzylebig says:

    I found you on the Interwebs. Your webpage is cool. Cool indeed.

  3. Andree says:

    Hi Cath!

    I just received your April BPS card – Thank you! It was lovely (just my style).

    I have to admit: I am not living in NY. I grew up there, but I am living a bit all over the place. In fact, I was just last month in SA/Botswana/Zambia/Namibia. I love your country and look forward to every visit (I’ve been there 3 times). You can see our travel photos on http://www.bumpytours.com.

    Otherwise I like to post some of my photos on my blog of where I am, what is inspiring me.

    It was a pleasure to discover your blog – very nicely done!

    Looking forward to staying in touch.

    Thanks again,


  4. summer says:

    hi! i love your blog. where are you from?
    nice to have stumbled upon you.

  5. Jenny Berney says:


    Just found your blog post on Formosa. Thanks very much! Lovely of you.


  6. Michael says:

    This site is all kinds of gorgeous. I’ve been sharing it with everyone who I believe would appreciate it.
    Thank you,

  7. Olga says:

    Just happens-chance across your site and oh! what lovely collections of photos and works.
    thanks it’s a real treat. I’ll be sure to keep checking and send it on to photo aficionados.

  8. Olga says:

    Add to email svp.

  9. Andy Gilson says:

    I love this blog. It’s one of the only two that I check up on.
    I think I found you after searching Wes Anderson in google many moons ago 🙂
    I just joined Tumblr, but you’re not on Tumblr 😦

    Hello from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

    • wolfeyebrows says:

      Hi Andy. Thanks for the compliments. Hello from Johannesburg, South Africa! I’m pleased to meet you. Whats your tumblr? I’d like to follow it.

  10. Sheri Covert says:

    Hi, I was browsing the web in search of inspiration and came across your blog. It’s quite lovely and inspirational, exactly what i needed! Thank you!

  11. Lesley Cohen says:

    Please add me to your list. Tx

  12. Thank you so much for sharing all your great finds.
    I’m really enjoying all of it….

  13. Hi i’m annisa from indonesia
    I really like your page, i found it when i tried to search pictures of Toe-band lol x)
    I posted your link on my onsugar.com so that my friends can know more about arts you’ve made. They’re all awesome. Come visit my country someday 🙂


    • wolfeyebrows says:

      Hi Annisa. Nice to meet you. I’m so happy you like the blog and thank you for posting my link on your blog.

  14. Aletta says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now and looooove it! It’s inspiring and makes me happy:) x

  15. Erica Vaingaus says:

    Hi there,
    I saw your post about the Austrian shoemaker. I usually don’t comment, because I feel it’s too self-serving. But my father’s shop on 72nd and Lexington does better shoes than any European store or cobbler. He has been said to have the skills of a surgeon and the soul of a poet. Not sure if I believe the poetry, but I’m sure all poet daughters assume their father are just speaking whatever they’d like.

  16. lwooten says:

    Hi there! I have just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. I have very much enjoyed all the beautiful imagery that you share on your blog. Details are here: http://blog.laurawooten.com/2012/07/26/thank-you/
    Best wishes!

  17. Roberto says:

    Hi! I recently find your blog and I like alot.
    I’m a graphic designer and photographer (from the other side of the ocean).

  18. Cecilia Levy says:

    Beautiful blog! Found it when searching for images by Mary Delany. Very inspiring.

  19. ottomandandy says:

    very nice …Keep up the goodwork … http://www.ottomandandy.com

  20. Shaleesa Mize says:

    Hi, new to your blog! I love your posts – images and ideas that I see nowhere else on the internet and are very curious and unique!

  21. Penelope says:

    love it! Just moved back to Cape Town after many years abroad. Nice to find another great blogger from SA!

  22. Giuliana says:

    Love your blog. So fresh.
    Please support my kickstarter 🙂
    xx Giuliana

  23. ceara elliot says:

    this blog got me through my graphic design course. great inspiration, thanks and keep it up! 🙂

  24. Your blog is insightful. I love it so far and look forward to following your future posts. ~Allie

  25. Carly says:

    I love your blog! beautiful.

  26. Hi Catherine,
    Found your blog on Pinterest and love it! I’m a Joburg born artist living in the UK and currently experimenting with textiles, wld love your thoughts on my work 🙂
    Best wishes,

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