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Adventures of the Blackgang

I’m not usually a fan of tumblrs but Adventures of the Blackgang is a splendid selection of ships, music, photos, art, tattoos, history, seamanship, martime and nautical wackiness. I suggest you take a look.  

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Swedish Bicycle

Swedish company Note Design Studio collaborated with Italian bicycle manufacturer Abici to create a series of bicycles called Stoccolma. Each bicycle is inspired by the colour of an iconic building in Stockholm. What a clever concept. Here are the results:

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Aaron Huey

Aaron Huey is an American photographer who has lived and traveled all over the world. I hope to say that I have too someday. He currently works for National Geographic creating beautiful work of interesting people and places. Enjoy.

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Globe Bicycles

Hello pretty bicycle. Don’t you want to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with me? We can have a picnic and navigate through the autumn leaves. via: Design Milk

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Welcome ghosts

I am so overworked and tired at the moment. I can’t wait for holidays so I can run away to the sea. I found this beautiful picture that captures my anticipation. Its by Annette Pehrsson, I found it on flickr. … Continue reading

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The truant returns

So a lot has happened this week. I have: -had a birthday- thank you for all the messages friends! – received a beautiful vintage Union bicycle (I’ll post a picture when it is fixed up- this is the kind) -celebrated … Continue reading

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Olimpia Zagnoli

If you live in most first world countries reliable public transport is generally a feature of everyday life. In South Africa this is definitely not the case so the idea of catching the train each day is a novelty to … Continue reading

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Geese, cake and yellow walls

Two weekends ago I went away to a farm near Carolina for my friend Angie‘s birthday weekend away. There were a lot of wonderful people there and we had a lot of fun. I felt really lucky to be a … Continue reading

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This was my favourite shop in Paris. Unfortunately I never got to explore it because it was closed when I walked by (hence the oogling). It was filled with kitchenware, old wooden toys and antique tins. I’m definitely going to … Continue reading

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I wish you would have put yourself in my suitcase

So that concludes the epic holiday blog posts. I hope you have enjoyed hearing my stories and looking at my pictures. I have a number of stories which I have not told but all these travel posts are getting kind … Continue reading

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