I love this dress.

via: Mr Newton

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Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson created this sophisticated design for Understory Chocolatiers- a company dedicated to creating handmade chocolate products.

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Unexpected Tales

Unexpected Tales has a wonderful vintage flickr set called peculiar snapshots.

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SKT Ceramics

SKT Ceramics is a Brooklyn-based company created by Susannah Tisue. Her handcrafted ceramics are quite charming.

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Happy Birthday Josh

My brother Josh turns 30 today. I wish I was in Spain celebrating his birthday with him. Unfortunately my limited budget does not allow me to be a jetsetter at the moment. Instead I’ll have to do with nostalgia…

This is Josh when he was 5 playing with Playmobil. What a cool kid. I love and miss you Josh. Happy Birthday!

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Fashionable Fellows

Has anyone else noticed the summer trend in the Northern hemisphere for fashionable men to wear pale sorbet colours? Click on the images for their sources.

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Puzzle Cutting Boards

Awesome wooden puzzle cutting boards from Supermarket. Nice balance between functionality and form.

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Friday Fox

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House Wife

Team JUCO (Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud) styled and photographed this pastel-toned spread for Antler Magazine titled ‘Housewife‘.

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I’m Still Here

I really like this poster for Casey Affleck’s latest documentary I’m Still Here about Joaquin Phoenix’s transition from acting to being a rapper. Great typography, great beard.

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