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Camilla Engman’s 2011 Calendar

Camilla Engman has released her new calendar for 2011. It looks lovely. You can order it here.

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Camilla Engman’s Collections

Camilla Engman has a wonderful flickr set of her personal organized collections. Aren’t they lovely?

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Morran is a Danish/Swedish farm dog. She belongs to the very talented artist Camilla Engman and is quite a character. See more photos of this eccentric canine here.

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Fine Little Ship

I discovered Fine Little Day, a beautiful blog by Elisabeth Dunker, though her collaboration with the equally talented Camilla Engman called Studio Violet (they make the most phenomenally beautiful ceramics). Elisabeth has evolved her blog to exhibit and sell her … Continue reading

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Its been rather rainy of late. Here is some cloud-related eye candy cloud cocoa: nikole herriot Camilla Engman’s cloud: fine little day cloud umbrella: Joonsoo Kim

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The Exquisite Book

I am so excited about this book. The premise is based on the Surrealist game originated in the 1920’s called the Exquisite Corpse. Each participant creates a section of a drawing (usually of a person) without being able to see … Continue reading

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Camilla Engman

How lovely is Camilla Engman‘s new drawing? I wish we were friends so that she could give it to me as a birthday present.

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My father and other ceramics

My father went bald when he was in his early twenties. It was the seventies when big hair was super important. Somehow he managed to maintain the trend by growing massive tufts from the sides of his head. I think … Continue reading

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