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Zeren Badar

The Accident Series is a multimedia art project by Turkish artist Zeren Badar that draws from the western art canon with a cheeky sense of humour. “The idea is old masters meet with pop art and found objects. I create … Continue reading

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Matthieu Bourel

I’ve seen the work of collage artist Matthieu Bourel before – but his collaboration with Mexican photographer Anairam for L’Officiel Mexico really made me take notice. I love the flat, yet multi-dimensional affect of these images. Really beautiful.

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Miscellany: Catch Up

The last few weeks have been somewhat of a whirlwind – I travelled to Johannesburg and back to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday, made a lot of cake and party decorations, caught up with friends and family, visited some cool … Continue reading

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Holly Leonardson

Holly Leonardson is an artist who lives and works in Tasmania. She creates wonderfully surreal and playful collage works. You can buy an original artwork from her etsy store.

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Jordan Clark

Awesome collage work of creepy children, ballerinas and men from long ago, by 19-year old graphic design student Jordan Clark. So simple but so nice.

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Lulu Wolf

Lulu Wolf has a cool name. Apart from that she is also an artist based in New York. “Her work explores the relationship between individual, memory, emotion and place/landscape, as well as the formal relationship between texture, color, contour, mark-making … Continue reading

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Brandon F. Wilson

Brandon F. Wilson‘s mixed media work is awesome- incorporating embroidery, illustration and collage. Here is how he describes himself: “Brandon Frank Wilson 1982—____ Red hair. Beard. Glasses. Raised in Texas. Currently living in Portland, OR.” High five Mr Wilson. You … Continue reading

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Emma Hanquist

Emma Hanquist is a Swedish illustrator who creates quirky mixed media illustrations.

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Postcard prettiness

Found this postcard set at essimar’s store on etsy. They are designed and handmade by Esther Ramirez. The collage technique she uses gives the postcards a great tactile feel.  I also like the combination of pattern and colour. Very pretty.

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