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Parker Fitzgerald

“Parker Fitzgerald is a photographer and part-time graphic designer living in Portland, Oregon. He enjoys Japan, Lord of the Rings, Polaroid, Legend of Zelda and Chuck Norris.”

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Quill & Fox

Apart from having a cool name, Quill & Fox also produce some really note-worthy stationary and invitations. Take a look at this Portland-based company’s finely crafted paper things.

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I’ve blogged about Makool Loves You before. The people behind this fabulous online store are from Portland, Oregon. It seems like a very creative place. I came across this little Imuris necklace recently on their site and became smitten. Its … Continue reading

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Criminal Cooks

Dr. Lou Jacobs is a chiropractor who was searching for an antique butchers knife and came across a mug shot of a cook who had lost his nerve in the kitchen and stabbed a co-worker. The find started a collection … Continue reading

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Mia Nolting

Mia Nolting was born in Japan in 1983. She was raised in California and currently resides in Portland. Over and above her itinerant history she is an excellent illustrator. She makes interesting lists too. Go and have a look see.

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Julianna Swaney

Julianna Swaney is an artist from Portland (Oregon) with a Victorian-inspired aesthetic and a penchant for foxes. Her detailed drawings have amazing texture to them because of her meticulous technique. I prefer her drawings of animals to those of people. … Continue reading

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